Victor Koh: Tea Maker

Victor Koh Ette Tea

Victor Koh

Age (if you don't mind us asking)

Tea Maker

What's your fondest memory of food growing up?
Bring-your-own-eggs to go downstairs to buy Roti Prata Telur. Saved 10 cents each Prata!

What was your favourite food from childhood?
Wanton Mee

What does food and family mean to you?
Reunion & Growing Up. My ah ma will always ask me to eat more so that I can grow up faster - too fast!

What excites you the most about Singapore's food culture?
We can find any kind of cuisine in Singapore, you name it we have it! And at any time of the day, well almost.

What annoys you the most about Singapore's food culture?
Queuing up for food all the time.

If you could choose only one dessert to have for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Red Bean Soup with orange peel & lotus seed. But I can live with anything red bean.

Describe the most recent meal you've had prior to this fabulous email interview
With a friend from Beijing, at Spize river valley outlet at 11 pm! We had Cashew nut Chicken, Hot Basil Beef (very spicy!) & Chap Chye with Mushroom - paired with a bowl of white rice shared by 2 of us.
Beverage list
Friend: Teh Si
Me : Fresh Young Coconut

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