Rice or Bread

“It never occurred to me how Asian I am until one of them pointed out that I was making rice all the time. And similar to my reaction towards the variety of bread they have, they were amazed at the different types of rice I use to make my lunches.”

Wah! So expensive.

10 straggly, wilted, and stripped stems kangkong cost about 7 SGD. It was as if there was a volume knob that got turned to 110%, and my auntie's voice boomed in my head—Wah! So expensive. 7 dollars go NTUC or Sheng Siong can buy enough give you eat one month. Go wet market even cheaper, there the market auntie always give me good price and free bro-KOHHH-lee summore. 

The Working Mother's Guilt

"And when I reached home, I am faced with a very hungry, very undernourished six months old baby who only drank about two hundred milliliters - the whole day. It was heartbreaking. Just to put things in perspective, babies need to be fed every two hours, and each feed could be between a measly sixty milliliters and a hearty one hundred. So, two hundred milliliters for a good 15-hour day? You do the math."

Is That A Banana, Or Are You Happy To See Me?

"He would order one thing; the barbequed chicken wings. No one could mess up an order of chicken wings. At least, I didn't think anyone ever could.

Then, a whole mountain of slightly charred, and beautifully aromatic chicken wings arrived at our table."

Laziness, Inadequacy, and Pride

The Food Project SG's foreign correspondent from Copenhagen talks about his blase and insouciance attitude towards food; an irony he did not miss given that he was born and bred in Singapore, surrounded by all this cacophony of gastronomical delights. In his first Op-Ed for The Food Project SG, "Singaporean in Scandinavia" muses on food, memories, and pride.

For the Love of Sushi

On our first date, you wore a light blue shirt, a pair of pants and brown shoes. You had a sling bag that was loaded with textbooks and papers strewn all over. I offered to carry them for you or organised it, at least, but you told me you had it all under control. Then, you asked if I love sushi.

Serve In A Bowl

Moving out of my family home and moving into my rented apartment with Zeus, my boyfriend was my most significant act of courage. Courage because for the first time in my life, I wanted my relationship to work. And I know for this one to work, I cannot be living in my family home dominated by a primary religion that both demonises and rejects my sexuality.

The Persistence of Artisanal Coffee: Why the Hype Needs to Die

I am one of those who makes it a daily habit to have a cuppa Joe to start my day. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’ve grown reliant on it, but I do miss it when I forego it. It’s become one of those long-running jokes that have morphed into a global truth; most people’s mornings cannot begin properly without coffee. But do most people also know how this magical brown bean become a sought-after elixir of energy?

How To Make Swiss Meringue Buttercream

The recipe calls for a 1:2 ratio of egg whites and sugar. The hardest step in making a perfectly whipped Swiss Meringue Buttercream, fit for the tastebuds of royalty or best friends for that matter, is in the careful separation of egg whites. Egg whites can be separated in one of many ways, depending on preference.