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The strength of our team lies in our writing. We created The Food Project SG because we saw a gap in the industry of food writing in Singapore where there is a lack of quality writing and content dedicated or inspired by the concept of Food (and beverages for that matter!).

We pride ourselves in quality content, quality writing and quality reporting about all things Food. Here’s how we can work with you to tell the story of your fine food establishment through the different sections of our online food journal:

Perspectives: Profile

The Profile section is where we write long-form articles based off interviews conducted with food entrepreneurs. It is an in depth look into what inspires chefs and owners of F&B establishments. Our questions are based on the principles of Depth and Breadth. Based off intensive background research, we are able to craft simple, but quality questions that are not run-of-the-mill, at least not for F&B based establishments. We avoid questions that has already been published by other websites or interviews so that we can gain fresh insights into the people we we interview.

Perspectives: Reviews

Food reviews are a plenty all over the web. We want to offer a new way to write reviews where we not only talk about the food, but to also share the history behind the place, the food, the cuisine, and in some cases the culture that informs the dishes. We also approach the reviews holistically by including a brief write up about the chef or owner that we have gathered through research or a one-on-one interview.


The Op-eds is a much freer place on the website, whereby the writing is not restricted strictly to food reviews or profiles, rather it contains write-ups by contributors that are inspired by and dedicated to food. The range spans the abstract to the academic. If you have a product you want to promote on our website, for eg a Sous-Vide machine, the Op-eds is where we can create articles around that product (eg: My Week with my new lover: The Sous-Vide Machine) in a manner that is natural and organic.

Advertising Widgets

On our website, we aim to make reading a visually pleasing experience. With that in mind, we try to stay away from intrusive advertising that assaults and disrupts the flow of reading. Currently on the website, there are a few places where the are clear indication of an Advertisement. We are selling those spots at a very reasonable fee, based on your artwork and where you want the link to point to.

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