What Is The Food Project SG?

What is The Food Project SG?
The TLDR version:

We pride ourselves on quality writing about food, delivering quality reporting about food related news and creating quality content that has depth and breadth.

The Full Nine Yards:

The present timing of food consumption is defined largely by social construct. Our days are dictated and organised by when we eat. The day begins after breakfast, then pauses for lunch and ends at the close of dinner. Along the way, we've created other eating times to accommodate a world that is no longer defined by the traditional office hours of 9am to 6pm. With so much of our day dedicated to food, should we not, then, have an obligation to know more about what we put in our mouths?

We want to share the stories of individuals, companies, groups, and every other person in the food chain (pardon the pun) who has contributed to the plate that's in front of us. What other publications miss that we wish to highlight is the personal recollection behind every successful restaurant, a new eating establishment, or a food institution that has changed hands through the decade.

We want to write articles that does justice to the many stories of vulnerabilities that these brave food entrepreneurs shared with us. We hope their courage will embolden many others to take their first steps to bring joy on a plate.

As information, or rather, misinformation spreads faster than a mouse click, we also strive to write articles that challenge the status quo of ingrained food beliefs, shine light on food topics others are too embarrassed to discuss, and hopefully be a publication that's not afraid to write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

We pride ourselves on quality writing, quality reporting, and quality content. This is The Food Project SG.

PS: We are witty too

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